Snapchat Mod Apk (Premium Unlock)

Snapchat has quickly become one of the most popular apps on both Google Play and the App Store. With over a billion downloads to date, Snapchat has become one of the most well-known apps on the internet.

Want to customize your Snapchat experience? Look no further than the Snapchat Plus APK. This version of the app gives users more control and customization options than the standard version. You can personalize your experience by customizing the look and feel of the app, adding new features, and more.

In this blog post, we will:

  • Highlight all the features of Snapchat Plus APK
  • Outline how to install it from third-party websites like
  • Discuss the pros and cons of using Snapchat Premium APK instead of the regular Snapchat app
  • Answer frequently asked questions about this APK

What Is Snapchat?

Snapchat Plus APK is an incredible app that gives you superpowers! It is a modified version of the regular Snapchat app with additional features and customization options. Think of it as a supercharged, turbo-charged version of Snapchat.

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With Snapchat APK Mod, you can customize your experience with friends and family in numerous ways. Change its look and feel by choosing from various themes and colors; add special features not available in regular Snapchat for an unforgettable experience.

Snapchat Mod Apk

It goes one step further by enabling you to do things such as view Snaps without your friends knowing, save snaps without their senders being informed, and unlock Premium Snapchat accounts without paying a cent – literally giving you all of the benefits of premium features for free!

Snapchat Premium VIP Unlocked provides additional special features, like Snapchat Premium Planets. Using these fun planets, you can upgrade your experience with filter, sticker and effect filters – taking your snaps to an entirely new level and impressing all your friends with your incredible editing skills.

Snapchat Lens Creator is one of the most used features in Snapchat. You can read about it here.

App Details

APP NameSnapchat MOD APK
Size138 MB
Latest Versionv12.59.0.62
MOD FeaturesMod, Unlocked, Premium
Update Date08-11-2023

Cool Features

Snapchat Plus APK offers many exciting features designed to make your experience on social media platforms more engaging and customizable. Let’s explore some of its coolest features.


Snapchat Stories are like photo and video diaries that people share with their friends. These stories stay available for a day after posting and then disappear, making them feel like special moments that only last for a short while. This makes people check Snapchat more often to see what their friends are up to.

Snapchat APK MOD

The Snapchat APK Mod lets you view snaps without your friends knowing. This means you can secretly read all the snaps they send you without them ever knowing. You don’t have to worry about accidentally opening a snap and alerting them before you’re ready to respond.

Save Snaps

With the Snapchat Plus APK, you can now save snaps sent to you without alerting the sender. This means you can keep any snap you receive in your gallery without anyone knowing.

Unlock Premium Snapchat Features for Free

One of the best perks of Snapchat Mod is its ability to grant you access to Premium Snapchat accounts without having to pay a dime. That’s right! You can now unlock all the premium features of Snapchat and enjoy exclusive content and features only available to premium users.

Snapchat APK provides special filters, stickers, and effects called Snapchat Premium Planets. These unique additions allow you to add a touch of flair to your snaps and impress your friends with your editing skills. From hilarious filters to cute stickers or stunning effects, Snapchat Premium Planets have something for everyone.


In addition to its amazing features, Snapchat APK Mod lets you make the app your own with different themes and colors to reflect your unique taste and style. Take control of how Snapchat looks and feel by personalizing its appearance.


Snapchat’s Discover is like a virtual library filled with entertaining and informative images and short videos. You can find stories created just for Snapchat by popular people, companies, and news outlets. Stay up-to-date on current events, laugh at funny videos, or learn something new every day. Simply swipe your finger to explore new stories, just like turning the pages of a book. Discover changes daily, so there’s always something new to discover.

Discover is a place on Snapchat to have fun, learn new things, and get up-to-date information on a variety of topics. You can even watch shows on Snapchat, such as cooking shows, travel adventures, and more. Discover provides a way to have fun while learning new things.
Snapchat APK Map

Filters and Lenses

Snapchat is a popular social media app that allows users to share photos and videos with their friends. One of the things Snapchat is best known for is its filters and lenses. Filters are decorative overlays that can be added to photos and videos to change their appearance. Lenses, on the other hand, are augmented reality overlays that can be used to transform the user’s face or surroundings.
Filters can add a touch of flair to photos and videos by changing the color, lighting, or adding fun elements such as flowers, animals, or hats. Snapchat offers a wide variety of filters to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to match your mood or the occasion. Read here.

Do you know that Snapchat lets you create your own lenses and filters? Read our comprehensive guide on how to create lens using Snapchat Lens Creator.

Lenses are even more creative than filters. They can use augmented reality to transform the user’s face or surroundings into something completely different. For example, there are lenses that can turn you into a baby, a cat, or a dog. There are also lenses that can make it appear as though you are in outer space or underwater.
Filters and lenses make Snapchat an interactive and engaging experience. They allow users to express themselves creatively and share their unique perspectives with the world. They also provide a fun and easy way to add a little bit of magic to everyday life.

Snapchat Plus APK Spotlight


Snapchat is like having your own personal album where you can store all your favorite pictures and videos forever. Imagine capturing an amazing moment but not wanting it to disappear after 24 hours. Memories comes to the rescue! You can save these precious moments into Memories, ensuring they remain with you forever – like having an accessible treasure chest for all your cherished memories.

Organizing Your Memories:
Memories not only lets you save your snaps but also allows you to organize them into folders. This makes it easy to locate those special moments when you look back through the years.

Editing and Enhancing Memories:
Memories makes Snapchat even more enjoyable and memorable by enabling users to edit old snaps, add captions, or customize the image further. Instead of just saving, Memories enhances your snaps by providing access to them anytime – it’s like having your own time machine that takes you back to memorable moments from years past!

Adding Another Layer of Enjoyment:

Memories adds another level of enjoyment to Snapchat. It allows you to relive and cherish those precious moments whenever you want. With Memories, you’ll always have a reminder of the good times, just a tap away.

Snapchat APK MOD Snaps

Chatting and Messaging

Snapchat Plus APK provides you with a secret clubhouse where you can communicate with friends using pictures, videos, and messages that vanish after they read them. To chat with someone new simply swipe right on their name to send a message that vanishes after reading; additionally you can send funny stickers, draw creative doodles or take quick photographs for sharing – and if any message becomes unwanted just tap it away with one touch to have it vanish like magic!


Snapchat Bitmoji provides a facility to get personal cartoon version of yourself that you can use in various creative ways. First, you create your Bitmoji by choosing its hairstyle, clothing style and all the fun details that make you unique – almost like designing your own mini-me! Once your character is created, use them in snaps and messages to add some personal flair; for instance instead of sending just plain messages you could send something with dance moves, laughs tears or silly outfits instead – instead it could even wear silly costumes!

Bitmoji is like having an emoji companion who helps you express yourself and play games with. Dress them up or make them do silly stunts – they make chat sessions even more interactive and playful, adding your personality and emotions in an adorable and creative way!


These are like magical stickers that only appear when in certain places, like parks and landmarks. When taking a snap in Disneyland or your city of choice, Geofilters offer you a way of showing off where you are and showing your friends where they can find you! You simply swipe right to reveal these fun filters corresponding to that specific place – adding some magic of that location directly into your picture or video!

Geofilters make your adventures even more fun by helping you share them with a unique flair from all the places you visit – they add that extra touch of fun and give your snaps that extra special something! Geofilters give your photos a special souvenir feel and bring a piece of each place visited into focus, giving them added vibrance that only Geofilters can provide!

Snap Map

Snap Map on Snapchat is like a special map that shows where your friends are and what they’re doing. It’s like a fun way to see where everyone is hanging out. When you open Snap Map, you can see little pictures that represent your friends on a map. Each picture is like a mini adventure your friend is on. If they’re at the movies, you’ll see a popcorn icon by their name.

If they’re at the beach, you’ll see a little umbrella icon. You can even see special events happening in your city, like concerts or festivals, marked on the map. It’s like a secret way to know what’s happening around you. But don’t worry, you can choose if you want to be on the map or stay hidden, so your location is private if you want it to be. Snap Map is all about sharing your adventures with friends and discovering exciting things nearby, like a digital treasure map.

Block Unkown Users

Blocking Unknown Users on Snapchat is like having a superpower to keep your Snapchat world safe. When you turn on this feature, it means only people you know and are friends with can send you messages or see your stories. It’s like having a secret clubhouse with a secret password.

If someone you don’t know tries to contact you, Snapchat will block them automatically to protect you. This way, you can have fun and chat with your friends without worrying about strangers bothering you. It’s like having your own protective shield on Snapchat, so you can have a great time sharing snaps and stories with your trusted pals while staying safe from unknown users.


Sending streaks on Snapchat has become a popular and quite serious trend. People take maintaining streaks very seriously and often prioritize them over other relationships. It’s interesting to note that some folks are more upset about losing a Snapchat streak than ending a friendship or relationship. This may sound a bit unusual, but it’s a real phenomenon, and many people are dedicated to keeping their streaks alive with all their contacts. It’s a unique and fun part of using Snapchat that some users value quite a bit.

Private Folder

The Private Folder on Snapchat is like your own secret hiding place for your snaps. It’s like having a super safe vault inside your Snapchat app. When you put a snap in the Private Folder, it’s like locking it away with a special key that only you have. This way, your private pictures and videos are extra protected from anyone who might peek at your phone.

It’s like having a secret diary where you keep your most important memories. To use it, you can just move your snaps into the Private Folder, and they won’t show up in your regular camera roll. It’s like having a hidden treasure chest for your snaps, and it’s all just for you to see when you want to remember those special moments.

Exclusive Features of Snapchat APK Mod

Above were the features of Snapchat APK which are common and all of the users can enjoy them but here are the premium features of Snapchat Premium APK: –

Auto-save Snaps

By using Snapchat Mod APK, you can not only see snaps but also can save them in your gallery.

Hide View Story

Snapchat Premium APK, you can hide your viewed story. When you view someone’s story, they can know about it but using Snapchat Pro APK hides it.

Hide view Snap

If you view someone’s snaps, Snapchat APK Mod has an option to hide it. That is the greatest feature of Snapchat which enables you to hide your viewed Snap.

Hide read message

The “Hide Read Message” feature in Snapchat Plus APK is like having a secret button to hide messages after you read them. It’s like a magic trick for your chats. When you use this feature, your friends won’t know that you’ve already seen their messages. It’s like having a little privacy shield so you can read messages in your own time. Just tap on the message, and it goes poof, disappearing from the chat. It’s a handy tool for keeping your chats private and not letting your friends know when you’ve read their messages.

Hide Online in Chat

This feature in Snapchat APK Mod is like having an invisible cloak for your online status. It’s like a ninja move to stay hidden when you’re using Snapchat. With this feature, you can be on Snapchat and chat with your friends, but they won’t know you’re online. It’s like a secret mode so you can have some privacy. Your friends won’t see that green dot next to your name, which shows you’re online. It’s like playing hide and seek, but in the Snapchat world. This way, you can chat and use Snapchat without everyone knowing when you’re online.

Secret Typing

This feature in Snapchat Plus APK is like having a stealthy keyboard. It’s like sending secret messages without anyone knowing you’re typing. When you use this feature, your friends won’t see those three little dots that usually appear when you’re typing a message. It’s like writing a note to a friend in class without the teacher noticing. This way, you can chat with your buddies quietly, and it’s like your messages are a surprise when they pop up. It’s a cool way to keep your chats low-key and mysterious.

Secret Screenshot

The “Secret Screenshot” feature in Snapchat APK Mod is like having a ninja camera. It’s like taking a picture of a snap without anyone knowing you did it. Normally, when you take a screenshot on Snapchat, it tells the sender, but with this feature, it’s like a super sneaky move. It doesn’t give you away, so you can save pictures without your friends finding out. It’s like being a spy in Snapchat, capturing moments quietly. Just remember to use it wisely and respect privacy because even though it’s secret, it’s important to be kind and respectful to your friends.

Secret Screen record

This feature in Snapchat is like having a hidden video recorder. It’s like capturing a video of someone’s snap without them knowing. Normally, when you record a video on Snapchat, it shows a notification, but with this feature, it’s like a secret camera mode. It records snaps quietly, like a super spy. But remember, it’s important to use this feature responsibly and respect others’ privacy.

Snapchat APKk MOD Stories

Exclusive Features of Snapchat APK Mod

Above were the core features of Snapchat Standard App that all of its users can appreciate; now let us look at some exclusive features exclusive to Snapchat Premium APK:-

Auto-Save Snaps

By using Snapchat Premium APK you not only see snaps but can save them automatically into your gallery as well.

Hide View Story

With Snapchat Plus APK, it is now possible to hide viewed stories. When viewing someone else’s story, their viewers could know about it. Furthermore, this mod version provides the feature of hiding Viewed Snaps; an awesome addition! This is one of its finest qualities.

Hide Read Message

This feature in Snapchat APK acts like an invisible switch that lets you secretly hide messages after reading them – much like using magic for your chats! By tapping “Hide Read Message,” messages don’t show up again in chat – providing privacy shielding so you can read messages at your own leisure without alerting friends when you have already seen theirs! Simply tap and a message will vanish instantly from view! It’s an ideal tool for keeping chats private without alerting others that you have seen their messages!

Hide Online in Chat

Snapchat APK Mod offers you an invisible cloak for your online status – like using a ninja move to remain invisible when using Snapchat. By activating this feature, you can stay off of people’s radar when online and chat without them knowing; like playing hide and seek but with Snapchat instead! Your friends won’t see the green dot next to your name that indicates when you are active; giving you some privacy as your online status won’t show.

In essence, using it enables users to remain offline by hiding when online status change so they won’t see when anyone knows when someone comes online on Snapchat; thus providing more privacy when communicating and using Snapchat without everyone knowing when or even being active online.

Secret Typing

Snapchat Plus APK offers the “Stealth Keyboard,” making secret typing possible – sending messages without anyone knowing you are typing. Friends won’t see those three-dot indicators when typing messages; it’s like passing notes unnoticed without getting caught by teachers! When used this way, conversations remain low-key and discreet while your messages might even come as a surprise! A great way to keep conversations casual yet mysterious!

Secret Screenshot

Snapchat Plus is like having a spy camera: taking photos without anyone knowing. Normally when taking screenshots on Snapchat, they are noticed by their senders; with this feature it doesn’t reveal yourself and allows you to capture photos without them knowing! Just be mindful to use this feature wisely and respect privacy; even though you might think your act is being done quietly!

Secret Screen Record

Snapchat APK features a feature known as Secret Screen Record that acts like a hidden video recorder, capturing videos without being noticed by those around you. When recording normally with Snapchat, notifications appear after recording videos; but with this feature it acts like an inconspicuous hidden video recorder to quietly record snaps without showing its presence – recording without anyone knowing. Please remember to use it responsibly and respect other people’s privacy when using this feature.

Guide to Download & Install Snapchat APK

After discovering all of the incredible features of Snapchat Mod, you may be wondering how you can access it. Don’t worry though; in this section you’ll learn how to install it.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

To install any third-party apps from outside the Google Play Store, first enable Unknown Sources on your Android device. This enables you to download apps from non-Google sources without worrying about being tracked back through an anonymous website – it is safe as long as trusted websites are being downloaded from. To activate Unknown Sources simply follow these steps: 1. Navigate to your Device’s Settings 2. Scroll Down and Tap Security 3. Finally click Enable Unknown Sources

Step 2: Downloading Snapchat APK Mod

Once Unknown Sources have been enabled, it’s time to access an official and trusted third-party website in order to download Snapchat Mod file with all its cool features. Many such sites provide latest version but they are likely to have viruses and spywares. Be cautious!

Just click the download button below and forget about the spywares. Our team has personally tested the APK file and found it free of viruses.

Step 3: Install Snapchat APK

When your Snapchat APK file has downloaded, locate it either through your file manager or Downloads folder on your device and tap to install. You may receive a warning about installing apps from untrusted sources; since Unknown Sources was enabled during Step 1, just ignore this warning message and continue with installation process.

Step 4: Personalize and Enjoy.

Once installation is complete, open Snapchat and prepare to personalize your experience like never before. Pick from different themes, colors, and unlock premium features without paying a single cent more for them – show off your editing prowess using Premium Planets while wowing friends with amazing snaps – the possibilities are truly limitless!

Pros and Cons of Utilizing Snapchat Plus APK


1. More Customization:

With Snapchat MOD APK, you can further personalize your experience by choosing themes, colors and features tailored specifically to you – it’s like having your own special version of Snapchat designed just for you!

2. Improved privacy:

One of the greatest advantages of Snapchat is being able to view snaps without your friends or senders knowing. This gives you freedom of exploration without feeling pressured into responding immediately.

3. Unlock Premium Features Without Paying:

A key benefit of Snapchat is being able to unlock premium features without incurring an extra fee; you’ll gain access to exclusive content and features usually reserved for premium users without breaking the bank!

4. Improved editing capabilities:

With Snapchat Plus, its premium filters, stickers, and effects known as Snapchat Premium Planets – special filters designed to add fun filters, adorable stickers, or stunning effects – Snapchat offers enhanced editing capabilities that will impress friends with its incredible editing skills.

5. An engaging and unique experience:

With Snapchat, you can customize its look and feel to suit your individual style and personality. Choose from various themes and colors to make your Snapchat stand out from the pack; creating an experience designed solely around you. Ultimately, using MOD APK provides a one-of-a-kind Snapchat experience tailored just for you.


1. Security Risks:

Since Snapchat APK Mod isn’t officially supported by Snapchat, downloading and using it could carry with it potential security risks. For maximum protection it is wise to only download from trusted sources to minimize these risks.

Snapchat is called one of the most popular apps on Google Playstore and Appstore. It has been downloaded over 1 billion times till now and the number is increasing rapidly. See ratings here.

2. Compatibility issues:

Snapchat Plus APK may not work perfectly with all devices or versions of Android OS. Certain features could potentially stop working as intended or it may experience crashes and performance issues that hinder usage.

3. Possible Account Suspension:

Utilizing modified versions of Snapchat such as APK Mod is in violation with their Terms of Service, so while you might enjoy its extra features it carries with it a risk that could get your account suspended or even banned permanently by Snapchat. Before opting to install Snapchat MOD APK it’s wise to consider its possible ramifications thoroughly before making your decision.


Snapchat Plus APK is the ultimate way to customize your Snapchat experience. Packed with extra features and customizability options, you can truly personalize this popular messaging app – changing its look and feel, hiding snaps from others’ view, unlocking premium features for free -it has everything covered for you!

However, using this app has its own set of risks. As it’s not an official version of the app, there may be potential security threats involved, so only download from trusted sources like SnapModz to avoid these potential issues. Furthermore, compatibility issues could arise depending on your device or version of Android, and breaching Snapchat’s terms of service could result in suspension or permanent banning for your account.

Before making the leap to use Snapchat Plus APK, make sure that you carefully consider all its advantages and disadvantages. Assess any risks involved and decide if additional features and customization options are worth taking on for you. If you’re keen on amplifying your Snapchat experience while accepting these risks, give this app a try – just be sure that it comes from a trustworthy website and proceed carefully!

Our Verdict

Snapchat is an awesome mod version that gives users more control, customization, and cool features than ever before. With it comes greater flexibility in your Snapchat experience – such as viewing snaps without anyone knowing, unlock premium features for free, and enhance editing capabilities with special filters and effects. However, be mindful of potential security risks or account suspension that come with using modified versions of apps – but if these risks don’t bother you then take the leap and enjoy customized Snapchat like never before!

Here is some more information regarding Snapchat APK Mod.


Q: Is Snapchat MOD APK safe to use?

Answer: Snapchat MOD APK can be safe as long as it’s downloaded from a trusted website. Be wary of downloading from untrustworthy sources as these could contain viruses and malware which could compromise security – when in doubt always opt for well-established sites to reduce any possible security risks.

Question: Can I Use Snapchat APK Mod on Any Device?

Answer: Unfortunately, Snapchat MOD APK may not be suitable for all devices or versions of Android OS. Some features may not function correctly or the app could crash or cause other performance issues; to ensure optimal compatibility it’s wise to do some preliminary checks before downloading and installing Snapchat MOD APK on your device.

Question: Will my Snapchat Account Get Banned If I Use Snapchat MOD APK?

Answer: When using modified versions of Snapchat like APK Mod, such as those available through Mod APK Stores like SnapAPK Mod or Mod Snap APK Store, users run the risk of breaking Snapchat’s Terms of Service Agreement and having their accounts suspended or banned permanently by them. Care should be taken when making decisions like these so it’s wise to consider all potential consequences before opting to install Snapchat MOD APKs.

Q: How can I uninstall Snapchat APK Mod if it is not to my liking?

Answer: If Snapchat MOD APK is no longer for you, uninstalling it as any other app should be simple. Navigate to your device Settings then Apps/Application Manager before searching the list of installed applications for Snapchat MOD APK in question and tapping its icon – there should be an uninstall button next to its name!

Q: Are There Any Legal Implications with Utilizing Snapchat MOD APK?

Answer: While using a modified Snapchat APK is not illegal, doing so goes against Snapchat’s Terms of Service and may result in suspension or banning for your account. For best results it’s always advisable to follow each app/software provider’s terms and conditions in order to avoid legal complications.

Q: Is Snapchat MOD APK updatable like its regular app counterpart?

Answer: Snapchat Plus MOD APK is an altered version, so updating it through Google Play Store won’t work like with regular Snapchat. Instead, to update Snapchat MOD APK you will need to find and download the updated version from a third-party site before repeating the installation process again.

Question: Will My Friends Notice If I Use Snapchat Plus APK Mod?

Answer: Your friends won’t know you are using the Snapchat APK MOD until specifically informed by you or sent snaps that mention its presence. Whatever modifications and customization options you make are visible only to yourself and won’t change their experiences with snaps sent or received from other s.

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